International Search & Rescue and Psychiatric Repatriation

Psychiatric and drug-related repatriation

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International search & rescue team

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Our Team

Our rescue team is a dedicated staff of professionals for international location and rescue that work 24/7 around the world. From 2004, we provide rescue services to Harel Insurance clients.

Our team specializes in tracking, rescue, and extraction from particular terrains, including mountains, rivers, jungles, deserts, snow, ice, and at sea. Also, our team are experienced in dealing with different rescue scenarios—snowstorms, altitude sickness, lost travelers, darkness, wounded victims, and others. 

Are team have completed hundreds of events and rescues worldwide. It is comprised of the country’s premiere experts in rescues due to psychiatric crises resulting from trauma or drugs, with the added experience of taking in humanitarian disasters and earthquakes around the world

Also, we manage the Rescue One Global Network to provide rapid solutions for all rescue scenarios.