Our Rescue Team Activity's

Rescue Operations

Nepal earthquake of 2015

Rescue of over 100 travelers trapped in different locations across Nepal, including use of helicopters, ground units, and medical staff coordinating through satellite communication.


Climbers in Mount Kazbek , Georgia

Two hikers trapped in a snowstorm without any way to continue their trek due to risk of hypothermia. They were evacuated within hours of getting the call using a local helicopter belonging to our rescue team.

Rescuing Hikers from Mt. Puyehue, Chile

Three travelers lost their way and were trapped at a location that did not allow for self-rescue and without being able to call for help. The travelers were found after several intense days of searching using helicopters, horses, and on-foot trackers. They were finally evacuated by helicopter for continued medical care.

Rescuing a hiker on the Israel National Trail

A hiker on the Israel National Trail reached the Small Crater of the Negev, found himself in distress due to a heatwave and pressed the satellite communication device he was carrying. Our emergency center calls in the nearest rescue team to provide medical aid and evacuate him to hospital.