Tower Climber Level 3

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Who should apply for this course?

This training is designed to provide the awareness, knowledge, and skills for professional management of tower climber units responsible for mast and tower installation.

— The course is available for individuals and organized groups—


Course topics

  • Soil, foundations, materials, loads
  • Laws and regulations
  • Work with/without cranes
  • Building metal frames
  • Night work
  • Building safety systems
  • Rooftop masts
  • Mast deconstruction


Admission requirements

  • First aid provider certification from the 12 months prior to course onset
  • Registered tower climbing manager
  • 200 hours tower climbing management work within 6 months of tower climbing management certification


Course program

  • Course units – 36 hours
  • 4 meetings (08:00-17:00)
  • The course does not include first aid training (this must be completed independently)
  • The course is conducted in our training compound in Wingate Institute
  • One course day is dedicated to night training


Dress requirements

  • Work clothes (long trousers)
  • Work shoes


Certification requirements

  • Course completion is conditioned on successfully passing the final exam.
  • לאחר סיום הקורס יש לבצע עבודה בתור מתמחה (סטאז') במשך 40 ימים לפחות, בהדרכתו הישירה של מנהל מקצועי בעל ניסיון של שנתיים לפחות. את הסטאז' יש לבצע עד 6 חודשים לאחר מעבר המבחן העיוני בהצלחה.
  • אחרי סיום הסטאז' יש לגשת למבחן הסמכה מעשי בחברת Rescue One, מבחן ההסמכה אינו כלול במחיר הקורס, Successful graduates will be reported to the Ministry of the Economy as certified tower climbing managers for tower building and installations.



מנהל מקצועי לבנייה והקמה של תרנים מוכרת ע"י משרד הכלכלה והתעשייה

Certifications are valid for two years and a 3-day refresher course is required for renewed application



2,600 ש"ח לא כולל מע"מ (3,041 ש"ח כולל מע"מ)

עלות מבחן הסמכה – 250 ש"ח לא כולל מע"מ (293 ש"ח כולל מע"מ)

* המחיר אינו כולל ארוחות וחניה במתחם (36 ש"ח ליום מלא, תשלום ביציאה בכרטיס אשראי או בפנגו).


Why choose Rescue One?

  • Instructors with a great deal of teaching and hands-on experience
  • Courses conducted in the advanced Rescue One training compound in Wingate Institute
  • High-quality and well-maintained equipment
  • Work that meets all Ministry of Economy and Labor and Ministry of Sports regulations
  • Our teaching methods are based on years of field experience and best practices of leading international organizations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?

We are here to answer every question and have prepared a few answers in advance that may be helpful

Our training facilities are located in Wingate Institute. Just type “Rescue One” on your Waze search

Wingate Institute offers parking lots at a 25 ILS rate for a full day (first 45 minutes are free).
Payment via credit card or Pango on exit

You can buy a meal at the Mifgash Hasport Restaurant in Wingate Institute (kosher).
No need to make reservations.

  • You can sign up for courses via the registration link on each course page


  • You can pay with a credit card on our website or through our offices

  • Some courses may be paid for through the IDF Released Soldiers Fund 

All rope access, mast climbing, abseiling, and wall climbing courses may be paid for by the IDF Released Soldiers Fund. 

  • Cancelling registration up to 72 hours prior to course date—100% refund
  • Cancelling registration up to 24 hours prior to course date—50% refund
  • Cancelling registration less than 24 hours prior to course date—no refund

Courses held under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Industry are conducted in the Rescue One facilities in Wingate.

Other courses may be held in client venues, subject to early coordination and a preliminary tour of the proposed venue by one of our instructors.

Occupational specialists are listed on your HMO website or in private medical facilities. For additional information, please visit the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services website.

To search for private medical facilities approved by the Ministry, please click on this link

Some of our courses are recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Industry for occupational safety certification. Please call our office for additional details.

Do you have more questions? We are available by Whatsapp, phone, E-mail, or just by leaving your contact information and we’ll get back to you