About Us

We provide a range of emergency and rescue professional services, from training rescue to executing rescue operations around the world. As a company that specializes in training and actively plans and carries out operations, we always stay up-to-date and keep our trainees informed of new insights from various rescues and missions.

Over the years, we have expanded our range of services and currently offer, among other things, the leasing of satellite communication devices for travelers, complex at-height and confined space operations, and a variety of professional training courses. Leading experts from the field have come on board to become the backbone of our company, all sharing in our passion and commitment to our chosen field.

Our training compound and offices are located in the Wingate Institute and include designated training facilities for different types of skills, such as structural collapse rescue (USAR), confined spaces, smoke-filled rooms, at height operations, and more.

Administrative team

Nadav Kalifa

CEO and Co-Owner

Yochai Lelior

Co-CEO and Co-Owner

Renana Shulman

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Yonatan Leitner

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