What is HAZMAT work?

There are many risks involved in working with hazardous materials. Staff must understand the dangers of substances in various states of matter, necessary protective measures, and handling and transport procedures per SDS information. Making the right preparations, using PPE, and knowing how to deal with breakdowns are crucial to preventing harm to people, equipment, and the environment.


Why choose Rescue One?

Rescue One conducts a variety of assignments in potentially contaminated sites, including corrosive, flammable, or toxic contaminants, and are equipped in a range of protective suits (Level A-D) and different RPEs (respiratory protective equipment).

Due to the increased risk of at height or confined space works that involve hazardous materials, our integrated team includes rescue units for every scenario. They are equipped with fire suppression systems, leak and spill control kits, dual respiratory systems to ensure a continues air supply and exit route. All our teams adhere to rigorous LOTO procedures and are trained to provide first aid.


Services possible with a HAZMAT team

  • Hazardous work in confined space
  • Leak and spill control
  • Emergency preparedness for HAZMAT events
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