Tower and Metal Construction Climbing

What is mast climbing and mast platforms?
Mast climbing and work on metal platforms requires climbing skills, mobility, and know-how in a variety of jobs in these elevations. The work process includes detailed planning, completing a rescue plan, and providing the necessary lifting and at height equipment.


Why choose Rescue One?

Rescue One employs a team experienced in different mast climbing and at height platform works, enabling us to provide immediate and professional solutions. Our experience includes projects in factories, construction sites, offshore rigs. Our teams are equipped with the most advanced, top-of-the-line equipment to carry through complex assignments efficiently and quickly while maintaining site and employee safety.

Part of our comprehensive services include planning employee rescue systems, installation of lifelines and lifting and installation of needed equipment.


Services possible with our team

• איטום וציפוי לבטון ופלדה

• ריתוך והרכבת קונסטרוקציות

• NDT (בדיקות אל הרס)

• סקר סיכונים וייעוץ לעבודות מסוכנות

• קווי חיים ונקודות עיגון

• כוננות חילוץ

• Rigging והנפת ציוד

• תכנון הנדסי

• תחזוקה מכנית

• פיגומים


Our projects include:

• התקנת מערכות גילוי עשן בארנה ירושלים

• התקנת מערכות כיבוי אש בקליל



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