Working at Height (Lifts, Ladders, Roofs)

What is at height work with crane baskets, lifting platforms, roofs, and ladders?

At height work regulations mandate that any work that includes the risk of falling over 2 meters requires completing training for at height work and equipment. While today every employee must undergo basic at height training, frequently that level is not enough.

Complex assignments carried out on fragile rooftops or on elevated platforms, cranes, or ladders constitute high-risk and challenging environments. Getting these jobs done requires experienced at height trained personnel with advanced equipment and knowledge exceeding basic-level training.


Why choose Rescue One?

Over the years, we have become very experienced in extremely complex projects and operate one of the largest schools for employee training in the country. We specialize in complex at height operations using platforms and crane baskets, metal frames, and ladders. Our team leaders will recommend solutions tailor-made to your on-site needs and find the best and more efficient way to complete the work at the highest level of quality, speed, and safety.


Services possible with a rope access team

• איטום וציפוי לבטון ופלדה

• ריתוך

• NDT (בדיקות אל הרס)

• סקר סיכונים וייעוץ לעבודות מסוכנות

• קווי חיים ונקודות עיגון

• כוננות חילוץ

• קידוחי יהלום

• Rigging והנפת ציוד

• תכנון הנדסי

• תחזוקה מכנית

• פיגומים

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