Trenches and Sinkholes

What is trench rescue?

Work in areas where the ground may cave in (near sinkholes or inside soft soil ditches or trenches) poses the real risk of employees or equipment suddenly falling into an opened cavity.

Beyond the danger of falling from a height, people may also become trapped under a great weight of soil. Work of this kind requires unique safety measures that can ensure safe conduct and rescue.


Why choose Rescue One?

Over the years, we have become experts in developing work and rescue procedures for sinkholes and trenches. In 2017-2020, we collaborated on a project of the Dead Sea factories to excavate a tunnel in an area highly susceptible to sinkholes, with one of teams permanently on site. Company employees underwent training by instructors from abroad on trench rescue and soil reinforcement and stabilization.


Services possible with a rope access team

• איטום וציפוי לבטון ופלדה

• ריתוך

• NDT (בדיקות אל הרס)

• סקר סיכונים וייעוץ לעבודות מסוכנות

• קווי חיים ונקודות עיגון

• כוננות חילוץ

• קידוחי יהלום

• Rigging והנפת ציוד

• תכנון הנדסי

• תחזוקה מכנית

• פיגומים


Our projects include:

• מפעלי ים המלח


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