Paratrooper Training Facilities in Tel Nof

When the IDF decided to update all its paratrooper training facilities in Tel Nof, Rescue One collaborated in the project planning and execution.

The challenge was to plan facilities that meet the highest safety standards while best addressing specific course requirements and simulating the parachuting process.

After the planning and tender process was complete, we established large mechanical elements of the new facilities, including the POWERFAN free-fall simulator and installation of short 20-meter zipline cable systems and longer 120-meter zipline systems.

The installation process included production of all relevant parts, experiments, and testing to meet Standards Institution of Israel regulations, and NDT and load tests to ensure everything was up to the highest standards and suitable for the needs of the school instructors.

From then, we are proud to continue in our responsibilities for repair and ongoing maintenance of existing and new systems in the various facilities.

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