What are lifting and rigging operations?

Lifting heavy equipment, construction elements, and systems is an integral part of most building and construction projects around the world. Safe work procedures for lifting operations require coordination that relies on correct use of cranes, correct rigging of elements, and correct placement through exact signaling.

In more intricate projects, lifting must be executed by temporary lifting machines (chain hoists, cable winches, etc.).


Why choose Rescue One?

Rescue One specializes in lifting and rigging of loads in confined spaces or complex constructions where there is no direct access for using cranes. Our teams know how to access any space using a variety of methods and how to complete a range of assembly and dismantling tasks. They are experienced in planning lifting systems, including computing loads and equipment check approval by a certified examiner. Over the years, our teams have expanded their know-how from countless job sites that do not always include easy access for cranes, such as enclosed/confined spaces and oil rigs.


We offer these services in the following work environments:

• גלישת מעטפת מבנה

• תרנים וקונסטרוקציות פלדה

• חלל מוקף

• Off-shore

• קרקע רכה

• עבודה בגובה – סלי אדם ובמות הרמה, גגות וסולמות


Our projects include:

● בסט בניין רסיטל

● תל נוף

● אגירה שאובה


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