What does scaffold construction and installation entail?

Scaffolding systems are a good solution for sites that require at height access or confined space access for various professionals. We specialize in assembling and erecting safety-regulation scaffolds to execute assignments that require entrance for personnel and equipment that cannot reach the site via rope access.


Why choose Rescue One?

Rescue One employs Israeli-standard certified scaffold builders experienced in advanced building methods for specialized scaffolding, such as frame suspended scaffolds, and scaffolds in enclosed spaces that require bypassing piping and infrastructure. Our teams have spent years collaborating with scaffold experts abroad, on oil rigs, and power stations.
Our staff are trained in rope access and rescue, enabling them to provide tailor-made and cutting-edge solutions to erect scaffolds from unapproachable angles to open easy access.


We offer these services in the following work environments:

• Rope access

• Mast climbing and steel constructions

• Confined spaces

• Off-shore sites


• Trenches

• At heights – crane baskets and lifting platforms, roofs, and ladders


Our projects include:

• Stena

• Dalia Power Station


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