Lifelines and Anchor Points Installation

Why install lifeline and anchor points?

Employers are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment at different heights. Safely working on roofs, ladders, and elevated work platforms requires installing fall prevention or fall arrest systems, including lifelines, rails, anchor points, etc.


Why choose Rescue One?

We conduct a needs assessment to find the solutions best suited to you, identifying which options are possible at every work point. This assessment is conducted by a team of experts that adapts different solutions, subject to legal, operational, and budgetary requirements.

Our professional installation team is certified to install a range of systems of different manufacturers, including anchor points, fixed lifelines (horizontal and vertical), safety rails, and many temporary solutions. All the equipment and systems we use meet European standard EN-795 and have been approved by an Israeli engineer.


We offer these services in the following work environments:

  • Rope Access
  • Mast climbing and steel constructions
  • Confined spaces
  • Off-shore
  • Trenches
  • At heights – crane baskets and lifting platforms, roofs, and ladders


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