Rope and Confined Space Rescue

What is at-height and confined space rescue preparedness?

Every employer and project manager must be prepared for situations in which employees are required to enter dangerous environments. Engineers, technicians, and maintenance staff may get injured while completing their assignments and need rescue by an equipped and knowledgeable team. Subject to project risk assessment specifications, we provide the analysis for possible rescue plans and necessary actions.

Why choose Rescue One?

Rescue One הובילה לאורך השנים את פיתוח השירות של כוננות חילוץ מקצועית לצוותי עבודה בשטח.

In situations in which you can conduct the rescue yourselves, we provide consultation and guidance to recommend the optimal solutions for you. When professional rescue teams are needed, we provide experienced and rescue teams and the best quality equipment for a variety of environments, including at-height and confined spaces, hazardous materials, fire hazards, and entrapment hazards.

We are here to help find the best and safest solution for your needs.


We offer these services in the following work environments:

• גלישת מעטפת מבנה

• תרנים וקונסטרוקציות פלדה

• חלל מוקף

• Off-shore

• קרקע רכה

• עבודה בגובה – סלי אדם ובמות הרמה, גגות וסולמות


Our projects include:

● מפעילי ים המלח

● אסדות גז

● אינטל


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