Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

מה הן NDT – בדיקות ללא הרס?

Mechanical systems, construction (steel and concrete) systems, and pressurized containers are required to be tested to ensure they are in good working order and meet all relevant standards. Identifying problems in time can prevent large risks and high costs of corrective measures in the future.

Frequently, such tests must be conducted in confined or at height spaces. There are myriad ways to conduct non-destructive integrity tests, such as magnetic particle (MPI), radiographic (RT), penetration (PT or LPI), and ultrasonic (UT) inspections, per project specifications and standards requirements.


Why choose Rescue One?

Our teams have the training and skills necessary to reach any location and offer the most suitable options for you. We are prepared to conduct various tests, including photographing, documenting, and transferring all data to engineering personnel for applied solutions.


Our projects include:

  • Pumped Storage Power Plant, Agira Sheuva
  • Haifa Group



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