Integrated rope access
and confined space services

Integrated industrial services for high-risk projects

RescueOne provides professional services for working at heights and confine spaces

What are integrated solutions?

Solutions to complex problems in industry, infrastructure, and energy—those that entail dealing with hazards, employing several different skill sets, and occurs in challenging work environments (at height, confined spaces, or HAZMAT). In such cases, solutions must be provided by an executing force with high-performance, diverse, and risk-management capabilities.

How does this save time and money?

The world of project management requires communicating and synchronizing between many sub-contractors.
Any delay or breakdown of one factor inevitably impacts the work of others.

Reducing the number of involved factors by working in teams that can carry out a range of tasks, decreasing the time and cost of promoting the project.

Why choose Rescue One?

Our team specializes in complex solutions and can access any site to get the job done.

Imagine a team skilled in rope access, climbing, rescue and access in confined spaces, and using the most cutting-edge equipment.

Now assign that team with whatever task you need accomplished and they will find a way to execute it while meeting schedules and maintaining optimal safety measures so you can breathe easy.

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Professional Team

Our Team is made up of highly trained professionals with a vast filed work experience